Despite singing mainly about social and political issues, Putrabumi is really just an old-fashioned, good time Rock 'n' Roll bar band. Which is just as well, because our songs are best enjoyed with a chilled draught or ten. We play every Friday night at Petaling Jaya's indie live-music bar Merdekarya.

Our first album - Bukan Budaya Kita - is on pretty much all digital platforms (no physical copies are available), which means we'll make very little (if at all) moolah from doing this.
But if what we do is of some value to you, and you want to make good on that value, 
here's a bunch of ways you can do that.

​Putrabumi is:
Brian Gomez on lead vocals, acoustic guitars, harmonica
Riz Rashid on lead guitar, backing vocals
Krist Chong on bass, backing vocals
Zahar Ahmad on drums (drums for the album were recorded by Justin Joel)

All songs written by Brian Gomez and arranged by the band.

Bukan Budaya Kita was recorded and mixed at
Pulse Soundworks and mastered at Pete Maher Mastering.